About Me

1) Who am I? 19 year old, typical college guy from US.

2) Am I an Otaku? No.

3) Am I an Anime Lover? Yes.

4) What is this blog about? You figure it out.

5) Why do I blog? Because I like to.

6) Why are my reviews short? Because I am lazy, and I like to conserve energy.

7) What do I do when I am not watching anime? Whatever normal people tend to do.

8) Do I like Japanese Culture? Yes I do.

9)  Why is my about section like FAQ? Same answer as 6…and I am a bad writer.

10) Do you know me now? If Yes, you now know that I am awesome. If No, back to 1 please.

In all seriousness, I am really happy that you are watching my blog right now. It means a lot to me. I know these words aren’t enough to thank you, but still THANK YOU!

Disclaimer: Although the contents published here is my own writing, I don’t own any images or videos used in this blog (unless mentioned). 


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