“Air Gear” bitch…Well sort of! (Me rambling)

Alright we all know it’s is spring time! The weather outside is simply amazing…Flowers blooming, trees sprouting new leaves, birds chirping, and much more. The point I am trying to get at is who the fuck wants to spend their time at home instead of going out and enjoying this splendid nature? Seriously if you do, you need to do something about it. I mean it is not bad that you enjoy staying at home, but come on at least give outdoors a try…

So I did!

Alright this is how it started! I was watching “Air Gear” recently, and while I was watching it I really felt like skating. Keep in mind that I have never ever in my life skated before. At the same time some of my friend in the dorms were longboarding! No shit! Lucky me right? Well NO! The first day, some of my friends taught me the basics of longboarding. That day I longboarded (I don’t know if this is the right term) for about 2-3 hours. I though I had skating genes in my blood because trust me I was ‘kung-fu mastering’ that shit! I was going down a ramp close to my dorm, and when it started to speed wobble my drunken kung fu style kicked in. I was dancing on that thing like a retard trying not to fall over. After some hours of practice, I decided to end it for that day.

Next day some of my friends decided to go down some of the hill close by to my university. It was around 12 AM in the morning. They asked me if I wanted to join in. OH HELL YEAH! That is exactly what I said. We longboarded for quite a while. After hours of long boarding we were about to head back to the dorm. Before that we decided to go down one of the steep hill nearby. I was fucking excited.

There were six of us in total. Four of the guys were ahead of me and one behind me. We boarded down the hill like a boss, and after going down for a while we had to make a sharp curve. Right when I was about to take the inside of the curve, the guy behind me took over and took the inside. If I had taken the inside curve I might have crashed with that guy so I decided to take the outside curve. So with “two” days of boarding experience, I was about to make a sharp turn while I was going 20-25 mph, and to make the matter worst I had to switch my direction from the inside of the curve to outside in the last second. GUESS WHAT?

Blood. Blood. Blood. No skin in my left elbow. No skin in my left wrist. No skin in my stomach. Last but not least, sprained my other wrist. Yes! I crashed. I laid there in the black tarmac, motionless, and my board flew off somewhere in the darkness. But I was glad that I hurt my elbow and wrist because I was about to crash my head. I mean literally crash and squish my head in the curb.

Right after the board threw me off, I was about to crash straight into the curb wall with my head. At the last second, I am glad that my instinct, since I have crashed many times before, came into play. Right before my head was about to hit the curb, I flung my self with my hand and elbow away from the curb so I could avoid my head collision. This way I was able to protect my head but my skin in the arms peeled off like oranges. Was it a fair price? Definitely. Otherwise I don’t even know where I would be right now. Hospital? Death Bed?

Shit that was one scary experience.

But all in all, I fell in love with longboarding. The thrill, the excitement, the pleasure, all stirred up my body. The gust of wind that strikes your face as you scale down the hill in those four small wheels, and a wooden board…just felt amazing. The pain was definitely worth it.

All wanted to say is go find something to do. You don’t have to do some sketchy stuff like me, but at least do something that you will enjoy and have fun with.



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