Manga Review: Chou yo Hana yo

What happens if the person you love is your superior as well as your servant? Well you got to read this manga to figure it out!

If your are looking for a really serious romance, this is not the one you should be reading. This manga is a farce (a type of comedy that uses improbable situations, physical humor and silliness to entertain).

The story revolves around these two main character: Doumoto and Chouko. Doumoto is Chouko’s lover, superior, and servant. All these three panels of their lifestyle creates a humorous romance story. It is not really a serious romance but there are moments when it really gives you the feels. Most of the time the jokes are centered around ‘sex’, but without a doubt I have to say that those jokes were some of the best that I have read. All in all, the story is really captivating with lot of comedic plot that leaves you smiling until your cheek hurts.

Moving on, the art is perfect for the story. I mean it is not something that really excites your eyes, but something that tickles your stomach. What I mean to say is the art also uses ‘unrealistic’ drawing such as chibi Chouko, or people getting shot with guns (but do not die) and stuff like that to create a funny atmosphere. All Characters look unique and are easy to differentiate so I have no complain here.

There is not really much of a character development here. The manga jumps right into the story, and some of the time it goes back and forth with past and present to show the relationship between our two main characters. As soon as you read first chapter you will already get an idea of what these character will turn out to be like. It might take more then the first chapter for Chouko though. She is kind of unpredictable. Doumoto is straight forward with what he wants, so you don’t really have to worry about those ‘awkward’ moments that happens in typical shoujo mangas. Starting off, Doumoto questions Chouko,”Are you a virgin?”. That just proves how open the characters are.

This is a really funny and well drawn romance manga. Like I said, this does have quite a lot of sex jokes and if you dislike such jokes this is not your cup of tea, but if you do like such jokes…you gotta check it out!


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