Dragon Slayer MOFOS!

Fire Dragon’s Roar, Fire Dragon’s Claw, Fire Dragon’s Iron Fist…This shit never gets old. What better way to start spring anime season than to watch the brilliant fucking anime…Fairy Tail? Come on now, don’t tell me you hate it! The animation is awesome (well may be it was little lighter, and the art design was little sharp), the story is great (do i even need to mention this?), and that natsu motherfucker shoots flame through his mouth. (I feel bad for the girl who gets tounge fucked my Natsu. I mean her pussy will get roasted. Pussy kabob anyone?)…Alright I took that joke little to far! Back to the topic.

I am not gonna lie. I had been waiting for this shit to come out forever. I didn’t even read the fucking manga. I wanted to just watch the anime because the first season of fairy tail was full of awesomeness. This episode just raised the bar…by a cm…well it did! I mean the comedy was there, the action was there, the opening song was soothing to the ear, and did I mention Lucy’s tits? Is it just me or did her tits get smaller in this season? Maybe I have been watching too much anime with big tits lately.

The voice was okay! I mean it is little hard to get around new voices for the characters. As I get more into the episode of this season, I am pretty sure I will get used to it.

Overall, a great start to a new season. I think this is going to be a very exciting anime. As always.

Here is the link if you are wondering where to watch: http://kissanime.com/Anime/Fairy-Tail-2014/Episode-001?id=66233

Go and check it out! What you waiting for?


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