Quickie thoughts: Nisekoi (Episode 7)

Wooo! That was some episode filled with high flying action, and of course you can’t forget the titties! In this episode we meet with our new character, Tsugumi Seishirou, who enters the same school as Raku and Chitoge as a new transfer student. Although she is a girl, every one mistakes her for a boy due to her ‘tomboy’ characteristics, and that includes Raku too. Seishirou is there to look after Chitoge (because that is what she promised to do ten years ago), and she wants to ‘ABSOLUTELY’ make sure that Chitoge’s boyfriend lives up to her expectation.

After Chitoge introduces her ‘so called’ boyfriend Raku to Seishirou, Seishirou is appalled! She questions why such weakling (Raku) gets to be by her side instead of her. Thus she challenges Raku for a duel…Although scared to his wits, Raku accepts the challenge. They meet at school backyard for the duel, and the duel begins! Seishirou pulls out quite a few arsenal (from guns to bazooka) and starts firing at Raku. Poor Raku thought it was gonna be a hands on hands combat, but to his surprise it turned into a battlefield. He had no choice but to run to dodge the bullets…As he runs Raku tells Seishirou that she doesn’t understand Chitoge one bit! He says that Chitoge isn’t the kind of girl who likes to stay idol and be protected by someone else. He runs till the third floor, and jumps out of the window to the pool below. Of course our bad ass hit-man Seishirou is not going to give up, so she jumps in pursuit.

After landing on the pool Seishirou is unconscious, so Raku pulls her out. It’s cold outside so Raku decides that they should dry their clothes. Unaware of the fact that Seishirou is actually a girl, he takes her together with him to the boys locker room. Since Seishirou is unconscious he decides to take off her clothes. He takes off her pants, and as he unbuttons her shirt Seishirou gains her consciousness. She screams in surprise and asks what he was doing. When Raku is about to answer that he was just trying to help… He sees Seishirou tits and is shocked to find out that HE is actually a SHE.

Chitoge hears some sound coming from the locker room so she goes there to check on them. Raku pulls Seishirou inside the locker to hide from Chitoge. When they are inside the locker Raku asks why she acts as a boy, and tells her that it is such a waste because she is really cute. (looks like our protagonist knows how to hit on girls eh?)…Seishirou blushes, and is happy ‘inside’ because she tells that no one ever said that she looks cute. Chitoge hears voices coming out through the locker and when she opens it she sees Raku and Seishirou (half naked). After seeing this, Chitoge goes gorilla mode and kicks Raku out of there.

Almost in the end of the episode, Chitoge asks Seishirou what she promised to her ten year ago. She says that she can’t remember the promise since it has been so long. Seishirou is confound! Seishirou explains her promise to Chitoge, but Seishirou is little anxious. Seishirou question herself if she has also forgotten the other promise that Chitoge made with her first love. WAAAAAAAAAIT! WHAT? Could it be that she was the one who made promise with Raku. Oh my god! Now we have more proof that Chitoge might be the chosen one.


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