Quickie thoughts: Nisekoi (Episode 6)

Ah man! I haven’t posted anything in quite a while, and trust me I am not being a lazy asshoe. All these tests/essays from my college are killing me and god forbid if there is more to come. I wish I could fucking shadow clone my self and do multiple things at once, but then again I am not Naruto. I wish I was…Well fuck it! Here is quick thoughts on Nisekoi episode 6:

Starts up with Chitoge trying to thank Raku for saving her ass when she was about to drown during the last episode. As we all know, Chitoge can’t express her feeling without some punches and round kicks. Thus Chitoge attempt(s) to thank Raku ends up being her kicking and punching the shit outta Raku’s balls, well may be not his balls, but his head for sure. Well I guess now Chitoge realizes that her bean sprout (Raku) might be a better guy than she thought.

On the other had, Chitoge also tells Onodera and Ruri that they aren’t actually dating. She makes it clear that they are forced to date due to some family reasons, but she doesn’t talk much about her family background. After this Ruri tells Onodera that it is ‘now or never’ chance for her to confess to Raku. After building up the courage she needs, she is about to confess to Raku. Trust me during this scene I was jumping on my chair…I was so happy that it was finally gonna go down. When Onodera is finally about to say “suki” which means love, a FUCKING BASEBALL comes flying through the window and their conversation stops. At this moment I was so fucking frustrated that I wanted to insert my hand through my laptops monitor and strangle that mother fucker who threw the baseball. Anyhow, Raku does ask what she was about to say, but Onodera being a shy girl says that it was nothing. Raku never gets to hear the confession, and he still thinks that he is not good enough to be with Onodera.

Almost in the end of the episode, Chitoge finally finds a way to thank Raku…that is she found Raku’s pendant in school hallway. The pendant chain was broken, and she somehow fixes it and gives it back.

Also, Chitoge remembers that she made a promise in the past with a guy…She says that the guy said something along the line of “zawsze in love” which, if you try to use a hint of Polish language, means “Always in love (I will always love you?)”…or that is what I think it is. Anyway now we can add Chitoge to the possibility list of being the promised girl.

Last but not least we might get to see a new character in the next episode.


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