Quickie Thoughts: Nisekoi (Episode 5)

Ever wished for a fan service? Ever wished to see Onodera in a swimsuit? If so, then you got to watch this episode. Swimming Pool, Swimsuit, Ass & Tits…your wish has been granted! 

Ruri strikes once again! At the start of the episode Ruri and Onodera are having conversation about Onodera’s love life and about the key. Raku who was passing by over hears their conversation…or more like he was eavesdropping. Sneaky bastard! Raku hears them talking about the key, and is shocked thinking that the key Onodera has might be the one that opens the pendant. Anyway, in the end of the conversation Ruri says that she will create a chance for Onodera to speak up with Raku, and Ruri also wants to investigate if the relationship between Raku and Chitoge is real or not. Ruri invites Raku, Chitoge, Onodera, and Maiko for swim practice, and Raku ends up being swim coach for Onodera.

Raku starts teaching Onodera how to swim, and after sometime they take a break. Onodera says that she will go get something to drink for them, and now Raku is all alone in the pool. He looks at Onodera’s bag and sees the key. He remembers the conversation about the key, and decides to see if the key opens the pendant. YES! FINALLY. OPEN THE GODDAMMIT PENDANT ALREADY! He takes the key and tries to insert it in the key hole but for some reason it won’t go inside at all. Ruri, Chitoge, and Onodera come back with the drinks, and Onodera asks Raku what he was doing with the “girls locker room” key. FTW! Poor Raku ends up being labeled as a pervert.

Next day, Chitoge and Onodera are there for the swim meet. Both of them start swimming, and all of a sudden Chitoge gets leg cramps. She starts to drown, and Raku jumps off into the pool to save her. Maiko tells Raku that she isn’t breathing, and he has to give Chitoge artificial respiration. Of course Chitoge was breathing, but Maiko just wanted to play prank on Raku. When he is about to give artificial, he get his ass whipped by Chitoge. Poor Raku once again!

In the end, there is no real development in the story except that now Raku knows Onodera has key that has something to do with the promise. Most of this episode was heavily focused on fan service, lots of comedy scene, and valentine special in the end for few minutes.


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