Quickie Thoughts: Nisekoi (Episode 4)

Another fucking chance missed by the D&D (Dumb & Dense) couple, that is Raku and Onodera. 

Before I start let’s all congratulate Chitoge. Why you ask? Because she made new friends. She even got invited to go to McDonalds after school by her friends. How amazing is that?  Let’s just hope she doesn’t get fat.

This was another beautifully crafted episode of Nisekoi. We begin where Onodera and her friend Ruri are talking to each other on the roof top of the school where all of a sudden Ruri tells Onodera to get together with Raku instead of beating around the bush. Ruri is aware of the fact that Onodera has crush on Raku, and she also thinks that Raku has a thing for Onodera. Thus she is irritated by the fact that two people who hold mutual feelings toward each other are not making any moves. Ruri decides to take this matter in her hand, and plans to set up Onodera and Raku to open chances for their feelings to sprout. You go girl!

Ruri ends up planning a study session in Raku’s house. Raku is overjoyed by the fact that he gets to study together with Onodera in his house. Little does this dumb bastard know that Onodera has a crush on him! pfft… Thank god we have Maiko. Maiko is Raku’s best friend, and while they are at this study session Maiko tells Raku that Onodera has a crush on him. Raku can’t believe it, but at least  I was happy that this thick headed arse finally knows what’s up.

Now back to the study session. While they were studying, our notorious Yakuza gang was spying on them, and they come up with the conclusion that there has been no romantic progress between their young master Raku and Chitoge. This calls for an emergency plan so they summon Raku and Chitoge and tell them to go get tea from the store house. Right after they enter inside the door of the store house, or more like right after they are pushed inside the door of the store house from behind…the gang members lock them from outside.

Typical scene in romance anime where characters are locked in hoping that some feeling might develop…and wait for it! wait for it! wait for it! YES! IT DOES. Right after they are locked in, the room is dark, and suddenly Chitoge clings to Raku from behind. Chitoge is afraid of such dark and tight places ever since when she got stuck inside a washing machine and couldn’t move for hours during her childhood years. Wait? What? A freaking washing machine? At least make a good excuse Chitoge. You are better than this!

During this time Raku is really close to Chitoge, and he is surprised to see this girly side of her. He is mesmerized by her glistening eyes, long eyelashes, soft lips, and of course her warm TITS. BTW, don’t ask me how he knows her tits are warm! That is what he said and I just quoted it… but he might have some heat sensor attached to his back. Who knows? After sometime Chitoge calms down, and they decide that they should climb out the window. As Chitoge gets up, she looses her balance and they end up in the following position:

Right about this time, the door is opened from the outside and Onodera sees them in such posture giving her wrong idea about their relationship once again. Talk about a perfect timing! Ah…the drama!

In the end of the episode we are also shown that Chitoge might have had change of heart about Raku because this is what we see written in her daily diary:

Overall an enjoyable episode!

Random Remark: Onodera is so fucking cute!, and I don’t know if I mentioned it already but I am fucking loving the SHAFT animation style for this anime.


2 thoughts on “Quickie Thoughts: Nisekoi (Episode 4)

  1. Shaft and Nisekoi is a combination that lots of people were puzzled by, but too am really enjoying how Shaft is adapting the manga. And Onodera is unbelievably cute. I normally try to be one of the more “non-wierd” otaku, but I’ll gladly admit that Onodera is one of those characters that I just want to hug and spend time with.

    • ” I’ll gladly admit that Onodera is one of those characters that I just want to hug and spend time with.”

      Couldn’t agree more!

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