Quickie Thoughts: Nisekoi (Episode 3)

Amazing shit! Seriously, this anime just keeps on getting better and better after each episodes.

This episode starts off with Raku’s childhood dream once again! He remembers about the girl from the past, and when he is about to remember the girls name…he fucking wakes up! God damn it! I know right…Couldn’t you fucking sleep for ten more seconds? But I am glad that he woke up because suspense is a big part of this anime, and I don’t want it to end so soon.

Now back to Raku’s and Chitoge’s mundane life. As they walk towards their school they talk to each other how school is the only place they can relax since no one knows about their relationship, and Raku’s determined to clear the misunderstanding with Onodera. Right after they enter into their class…omedetou…omedetou…omedetou is the first word they hear. The whole class knows about their relationship, and the class thinks that they are REAL couples. There goes their oasis down the drain. Raku tries to explain the class that they are not a real couple, but Claude from Chitoge’s gang is keeping an eye on them even in school. Thus both Raku and Chitoge are forced to act like they love each other in front of their class.

Later in the episode, Raku meets with Onodera all alone, and he is about to tell her that they are not a REAL couple. He tries his best to tell her, but he is too scared because he thinks that telling ONLY Onodera about it is same as confessing his love for her. In the end, he fails! During their conversation, one of the school student who is rushing through the hallway collides with Onodera and the pendant key falls off her bag. Raku can’t believe what he is seeing. He thinks that it is the key for the pendant he is wearing, and right when he is about to ask Onodera about it…Onodera starts panicking and says that it is a house key. Raku being a fucking DENSE character believes her and doesn’t question her any further. WOW! Sometime I feel like these characters need some MENTAL TREATMENT for being so oblivious.

So to summarize what happened so far in this episode: Everyone in their school thinks Raku and Chitoge are a real couple.

BUT that is not where it ends…

In the end of the episode Raku over hears other girls talking about Chitoge, and he finds out that Chitoge doesn’t have any REAL friends despite of her popularity. Raku runs back to the class where he sees Chitoge trying to teach herself how to make friends, and during this moment you can’t help but feel sad for Chitoge. Due to her gang background she always had trouble making new friends, and Raku feels sorry for her because he had gone through the same situation in the past. Raku tries to be nice by saying that he wants to help her make friends, but on the other hand Chitoge being a tsundre character says him not to act like he is her REAL boyfriend since it is just an ACT.

Call it twist of fate Onodera over hears this conversation, and she is confused about what they mean by “it’s just an act”…

Now I can’t wait to see the next episode. What will Onodera find out? Such a cliff hanger…Man this thing is getting intense!

What did you guys think about it?


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