Hamatora: Check it out if you haven’t! Yet.

I almost missed out covering this anime…

Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite anime from winter 2014 line up. It has so lubricating mystic story that it pulls your eyes to the screen, and penetrates your heart with fuzzy feelings. Wait what lubricate and penetrate? I meant in a metaphorical way. Did you think of something else? (Pervert Discovered!). Anyway, the story is about a group of five main character with super human abilities who take job request and make their living out of it. This kind of theme is really common in anime…Gintama and Fairy Tail have similar kind of approach to their storyline. Plus, for some reason the visual style and characters reminded me of Durarara. Now you might be thinking that it is just mixture of Gintama/Durarara, but NO! It is different.So what makes this anime stand out? Well, it just stands out!

THE END. (haha…too lazy to write more! )

Let’s keep it short and sweet. These characters with superhuman abilities do everything in their power to get their job done. Their superhuman abilities include power like “speed of sound”, “lightning control”, “defying gravity”, “Powerful Punches”, and many more. These people with such power are called minimum holders. Basically with this power they solve different incidents which are full of mystery. Similarly main characters past life is also full of secrecy. All the characters are unique and they got their own thing going on. One of the main character name is NICE. Who the heck was naming these characters? Looks like they ran out of names to use. Anyway NICE is really NICE. If you know what I mean. He doesn’t care about money or whatever. He does what he thinks is right, and this cool side of him makes this anime really NICE. Who wouldn’t want to see NICE doing NICE stuff in this NICE anime?

The characters are awesome, the art/sound is splendid…and Did I mention it is fucking entertaining? If not, It is. Full of surprises with laughter and action makes your lips stretch so much that it hurts. What else do you want? Porn Magazines? Don’t worry the first episode of this anime has got that covered too. Anything else? Nope? Then go watch it right now.

In the mean time I will finish my 5 page essay that is due this Monday. I know sucks to be me! T_T



2 thoughts on “Hamatora: Check it out if you haven’t! Yet.

  1. I agree that the characters have weird names. It’s like the creator wasn’t sure what to name the main character, only knowing he should be a nice character, hence naming him Nice. XD At least that’s easy to remember.

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