Quickie Thoughts: Noragami (Episode 3)

Once again a hilarious action filled episode of Noragami…

In this weeks episode we start off with Yuki (Yato’s new regalia) and Yato getting along with each other…well sort of! So far Yuki’s past is still a mystery, Yato is amusing as always, and Hiyori is tricked by Yato once again. To start off, Yato tricks Hiyori to treat him and Yuki for a meal telling her that he will solve her problem…than right after the meal he runs off with Yuki. Hiyori, determined to get her problem fixed, follows Yato and Yuki to their destination. At their destination we are introduced with Lord Tenjin, an infamous god, who treats Yato like an amateur. Yuki and Hiyori are also impressed by Lord Tenjin dominant appearance, and make fun of Yato saying how insignificant he looks in front of a REAL GOD. (Ouch! That definietly hurt Yato..lol). To top it off, Tomone, who was Yato’s regalia in the first episode, is working for Lord Tenjin now. Although I feel sorry for Yato, I can’t help but laugh at his misfortunes. This first segment of the episode was really hilarious…

Anyway lets get to the action part now…It seems like Lord Tenjin is really busy at the moment, so he hires Yato to get his job done. In this job Yato has to take care of these phantoms who influence student body making them hopeless to the point where they end up committing suicide. Yato hates people who commit suicide. He tells that if they don’t want to live anymore, they should just die. But having said that, he doesn’t want Tomone and Yuki to see people dying by committing suicide because regalia (Tomone and Yuki) were humans who died even though they still wanted to live. He feels sorry for them so he decides to carry out the job in the end.

During the job we see some high flying action from Yato, Yuki, and Hiyori (but due to Hiyori’s carelessness she almost gets killed)

Anyway the first part of the episode is filled with comedy, whereas the second part has some amount of action to it. Great episode overall, and I am looking forward to the next one where we might get to know more about Yuki’s and Tomone’s past life. Maybe? 😀


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