Quickie Thoughts: Nisekoi (Episode 2)

and here we start on a journey of a false love…

Nisekoi episode 2 is out now, and personally I loved it once again. This episode was about how the start of this new “forced love” between Raku and Chitoge brings out these characters true color. In this episode, Raku and Chitoge go on a date…Of course! a forced date because of the gang members…Gang members of the both clan want them to love each other honestly so they do everything in their power to make them together.

Raku and Chitoge, despite hating the idea of going on a date, enjoy their time with each other to some extent. Let’s just say a new love is blossoming, but both are unaware of this feeling. But this is where it gets interesting! Onodera, the girl who likes Raku (Raku has crush on her too), and the girl who Raku made promise with, finds out about this relationship. Onodera thinks they both actually like each other unaware of the fact that it’s a false love.

In this episode, Raku builds up the courage to ask Onodera about the pendant. He asks Onodera if she has seen the pendant in the past…in her childhood to be specific…But Onodera being a masochist character (to some level?), denies and says that she has never seen such pendant…Really? WTF? Man I detest these kind of characters who can’t speak the truth, and have to kick themselves with painful lies…but then again, it really wouldn’t be fun to watch this anime if the main story plot is disclosed this early right?

BUT WAIT A SECOND…Did anyone notice the difference in the Key? The key Onodera has, and the key shown in the ending song is different. What is up with that? Does another character with another key show up? Is Onodera key the right one that unlocks the pendant? wakkanai yo…wakkanai yo….wakkanai yo!

Anyway this episode is mix of joyous and gloomy scenes…Joyous when Raku and Chitoge character go on a date, and gloomy when Onodera finds out about the love affair. Plus the comedy is excellent.

Enjoyed this episode a lot!


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