Quickie Thoughts: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei (Episode 1)

What is this about?  Watching this anime reminded me of Ai Yori Aoshi…Why you may ask? Well this anime is about a girl named Yonomori Kobeni, who is introduced to her fiancé, on her sixteenth birthday. From now on she is supposed to live with her fiancé, Mitsumine Hakuya, in the same house…along with Hakuya’s younger sister or Kobeni’s sister in law (Mitsumine Mashiro). Similarly we also have Kobeni’s elder sister,Yonomori Benio who will be there to support torture Hakuya’s younger sister just for fun of it…and I should probably mention Kobeni’s air headed mother.  Anyway, this anime revolves around these four character and hurdles that will befall on their newly found relationships.

This anime lacks originality…come on we have all see these “unexpected fiancé” animes. To name few, To LOVE-Ru, Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka, Ranma ½ have, not the same, but similar story line. But that being said I really enjoyed this anime. I found it quite funny and entertaining to watch. The surfacing romance between the new couples, the comedic relief between Kobeni’s elder sister and her new sister-in-law, and every day slice of life of these character all add up to make this anime one of the amusing ones to watch from 2014 winter line up.

Kobeni is the only conscious character so far…I mean everyone in her family doesn’t give a damn about this new “fiance” relationship.They all soak in it like nothing happened. But for Kobeni it’s different…She wonders why this is happening all of a sudden, and if it is the right thing. Compared to Kobeni other characters don’t give a F@ck . But do note that there might be a deeper meaning to this unexpected relationship then you have imagined. Why? Because Kobeni and Hakuya have met before in their childhood days, but due to Kobeni’s amnesia she can’t remember it. So this makes you wonder what their relationship was like in the past. What happened in the past? This is also why it piqued my interest.

Art/Sound? Alright I will make it loud and clear: I LOVED IT! It was lively, refreshing,smooth, and vibrant…some what similar to that of Ano Natsu de Matteru. Just the finishing touches of this animating style makes you wanna watch this anime for some reason. Sound is perfect too!

What can we expect? 1) Romance between these new couples 2) Comedy among this new family 3) Slice of “new relationship” life 4) Fan Service (maybe)

Will I watch this series? Yes. It is quite enjoyable!

If you are looking for unexpected romance story line…you gotta check this out. Although, the first five minutes might get boring…the rest will leave you satisfied.


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