Quickie Thoughts: Nourin (Episode 1)

All right! With my college semester starting soon, I won’t be able to cover all airing animes in full detail so I decided to come up with “Quickie Thoughts” post. In these kind of post I will be posting brief opinion about the anime. I might just randomly choose episodes (i.e. when something interesting happens) to give thoughts on rather then following one after another. 


What is it about? The background setting is similar to Gin no Saji where these characters go to agriculture high school. Our main character, Kousaku, fantasizes about this pop idol named Kinoshita. He likes her a lot. Heck! He even dreams about kissing her…Fortunately for Kousaku, she will be soon transferring to the same high school as we see later in the episode. We also have another main character who is Kousaku’s childhood friend: Minori. From the first episode we can pretty much deduce the fact that Minori likes Kousaku. There are other characters who play big role in comedic relief (plus fan service at the same time)…one of them being the class teacher who likes to talk a lot about how sexy she is but still doesn’t have a boyfriend. Overall the story isn’t that serious compared to Gin no Saji, but it is definitely fun/relaxing to watch.

Art/Sound? Good. Nothing extra ordinary.

What can we expect? 1) Serious Love Triangle 2) Comedy 3) Slice of husbandry life 4) FAN SERVICE

Will I watch this show? Yes.



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