First Impression: Witch Craft Works

Honestly speaking I didn’t have any expectation from this anime. The first episode was released a while ago, but I was just trying to avoid it. Today, I ended up watching it…So what do I think?


That single term is enough to describe the whole anime. The anime was nothing special. One witch, who is supposedly the main character, named Kagari Ayaka was burning the shit outta everyone. When I mean burning…I really mean burning with a fire. She is one powerful fire witch. On the other hand, our male protagonist is a bitch. And when I say bitch I really mean it. His name is Takamiya Honoka who is not popular, physically weak, and gets beaten up by random students in school. So far he is shown as a really feeble character that has to cling on someone else for life support.

The story is fair. It is basically the female protagonist, a powerful witch, who also happens to be a popular student in school, also a really beautiful women (at least that is what they say in the anime, although I didn’t find her attractive) with fine tits is supposed to protect this lame ass male protagonist whose life is hanging by a thread.

The art was good. The sound was fine except for that one antagonist girl with cat ears. I found her voice annoying for some reason…

What I like about this anime? Well it is trying gender role reversal thing, which is fairly new. I mean the female character is the one who is protecting the male character, so I am quite interested to see how things will turn out…Reminded me little bit of Rosario + Vampire!

What else left to say? Oh yeah! I just finished eating pizza.

Ah man! At the end of the day, I really don’t know what I should do with this anime. I guess I will decide what to do after watching few more eps.

Update: I know this is just the first impression, but I have to add this. After finishing the second episode, I think this anime looks little more promising. I think I will follow this show for now.

What about you guys?


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