First Impression: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.


Fushimi Inari is a shy, not-so-bright middle school girl living in Kyoto’s Fushimi ward. She has a crush on her classmate Tanbabashi, but cannot express her feelings. One day, as thanks for helping a fox pup, the deity Ukanomitama-no-kami grants her the ability to change her form. (ANN)

Contains spoiler for first episode…

Just finished watching it! Wasn’t something really special, but I must say I wasn’t bored watching it. It was kind of a laid back relaxing anime! Although there were nothing too serious events in the story lines, there were some unexpected ones. This anime falls under supernatural comedic romance genre with typical school setting. This anime is planned to be 10 episode long, and I think it will be enough looking at the current volumes of its manga.  Since I haven’t read the manga, I have no clue of what kind of story is gonna surface from here onward. Seeing that manga sales for this anime was quite good, I hope they stick with the original story line and not make any drastic changes.

The main character, Fushimi Inari goes through quite a lot in this first episode. This first episode was solely focused on her, showing us her characteristics, and giving insight on her day to day life. She was a more or less a moe character. She captivates watchers with  her black hair, red eyes, and cute little body structure. So far from the episode we can deduce that she is clumsy and dumb’ish character which all adds positively to her cute appearance. Alright enough talk about how she looks like…lets dive into the story now. Shall we?

Ever since she was little, she always went to this shrine that was located near her hometown. One day on her way to school, she rescues a dog (which actually is a fox spirit) who is about to fall off to a streaming river. So how the heck can she see a spirit? I don’t know…but the anime implies that its because of her love for the shrine. Anyway, after rescuing the dog she goes to her school where we are introduced about her crush. She has crush on this guy named Tanbabashi Kouji, but she can’t bring herself to say it to him…You know typical shy anime girls. During the gym class class, few things happen, and Inari is heart broken. She finds out that Kouji might be in love with someone else. She runs off to the shrine and asks for wish, that is to be like the girl Kouji likes.

Here we are introduced with another main character: Ukanomitama. She is the shrine god. Since Inari rescued the fox spirit, her wish is granted. Inari’s whole physical appearance changes, and she becomes like one of the girl that Kouji likes from their school…Inari herself is surprised with this transformation, and after sometime due to certain reason she isn’t happy about it. She wishes to have her original body back. Since Ukanomitama can’t grant two wishes to the same person, she  decides to give Inari the power to transform herself by giving portion of her own power.  By her kindly action we can  already see that Ukanomitama is a caring, sweet-heart character.

This is where the story ends. It leaves us hanging since we want to know answer to the questions like: What kind of friendship will Inari and Ukanomitama have? What will happen to Inari’s love life? Are there any drawbacks to the power she received? With power comes responsibility…So is there anything that she need to do from now on to fulfill her duties?

Ah! I almost forgot…in the end of the anime we are introduced with Inari’s brother. For some reason I feel like he can see spirits because during the end he looks at the shrine god with his vexed eyes. If he can see spirits…Why?

The art and sound are perfect, making the production value first rate.  The ED song was pleasing to the ear. Nothing more to say here!

In the end, I have decided to further explore this anime. It really does leave you curious about all those question I stated above. I don’t think I will do any episode review of this anime, but will definitely watch. If you are up for some supernatural romance comedy, this it it!

Did you see the anime? What did you think?


4 thoughts on “First Impression: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

  1. I think the strongest impression I got was…Inari was an incredibly authentic character. She approaches the boy she likes…and chickens out. It wasn’t an idealized moe-moe crush, there was a personal dynamic already between these two that I totally connected with. The way she yells at herself in her head, and, the best part (I’m a terrible person), when she screams her confession that she hates herself. It was such a raw, bitter moment, and completely like a high school girl. And her friendships weren’t generic wallpaper anime friendships. They were rugged and established as well, it was nice to see a rather realistic school setting.

    Also, Uka* came across as really authentic, too. The idea that she puts on theatrics when entertaining mortals, but when they’re alone she’s playing visual novels and lounging about on the couch, something just really struck me as “this is totally what a kitsune deity would do”. Count me optimistic for this series!

    • True! For me, I am not that optimistic, but I am fairly positive about this anime. It has originality feel to it which I really like. Can’t wait to see more!

    • lol! I wish I could give you a better input on what episode 3 is like, but I, myself, haven’t seen it yet. If you are dissatisfied with the romance in Inari Konkon, try watching Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta (assuming that you haven’t seen it yet). Personally I think it is better than this anime, but then again the story is about planes and stuff which might not be your cup of tea.

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