Amagi Brilliant Park (Light Novel) up for animation

Amagi Brilliant Park, a light novel by written by Shoji Gatoh, is going to be adapted as an anime by Kyoto Animation. The genre of the anime will most likely be comedic harem romance with school as background setting. Although harem doesn’t excite me about the anime, the story sure does. It is going to be based on amusement park. Personally as a kid I used to enjoy amusement park a lot…and I still do…so I can’t wait to see what kind of anime this will turn out to be.

What about you guys? Amusement park anyone?


The story centers around a high school student Seiya Kanie. On a Sunday, a mysterious transfer student who carries a musket gun Isuzu Sento takes him to an old and deserted amusement park Amagi Brilliant Park in Amagi-city, which is located in the western part of Tokyo. He is told that if the park can’t attract 100,000 visitors in the next two weeks, it will be closed immediately. For some reason, Seiya has to save the park as an acting manager. (Crunchyroll)


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