B Gata H Kei (Short Review)

I am going to be honest here! I usually think twice before I watch any ecchi shows, but for some reason that wasn’t the case with this anime. So what made this anime stand out? Let’s find out…

B Gata H Kei is an anime whose genre is centered around romantic/ecchi comedy with school life as a background setting. So same old typical high school background setting with romance/ecchi stuff like every other anime….That is what I thought at first, and lo and behold how greatly I was mistaken. The reason this anime stands out is because it tries to approach ecchi concept from a different point of view. The main character, Yamada, is really self-conscious about here vagina…yes! you read it correctly…her vagina. She thinks that her vagina is weird, so  she makes a strong resolve  to find 100 sex partners to overcome that weird feeling. This is what makes it awesome. Where else can you find a girl as a main character who is sexually driven? (Well there may be few…but still ;D) Basically, the story is about a girl who has a dream of having sex with as much guys as possible. Although this anime is centered around ecchi genre, you will find gist of some serious romance in it.

So you might be wondering who the other character is, who gets to have some good time with Yamada. It’s a normal high school guy with not much popularity, and most of all a ‘virgin’: Kosuda, Takashi. Kosuda is a kind of a shy guy, who isn’t very much forward with these love/sex stuff. Same goes with Yamada. She, herself, doesn’t know anything about sex, or how to seduce a guy. These two character stumble upon each other on the beginning of the anime. Yamada finds out that Kosuda is a virgin, so right off the bat Yamada decides that Kosuda will be her first target for her ero journey. She does so because she doesn’t want to have sex with experienced guys who might tease her about her vagina.   So this way, Yamada finds a new goal…that is to have sex with Kosuda. Overall, the ups and downs of this “I wanna have sex” struggle is what shapes this anime.

Other character also play great role in comical relief of the show. Especially, Yamada’s best friend, Miharu, who has to keep up with Yamada’s exotic thoughts. Miharu tries her best to teach Yamada how important serious relationship are, but to no avail. But it sure is fun to see how the relationship of these two main character (Kosuda and Yamada) unfolds as they get to know each other better.

Both art and sound are great to get the job done. Although Kosuda isn’t blond guy with cool hairstyle, strong muscles, or whatever main stream popular anime guy would have , his looks aren’t compromised. He is good looking enough for a typical high school guy. Yamada is also beautiful looking girl, and her body size are all perfect and mature for high school environment. What I meant by that is she doesn’t have watermelon sized tits and height complex. The background/scenery of the anime is also great. Character sounds aren’t annoying at all (Subbed version.I don’t watch dubs…that’s how I roll!), and the background music that comes time to time also fits perfectly.

Overall, I enjoyed this anime a lot. It was a laid back, ecchi/romance comedy with good story. If you like sexual jokes, I say go for it; you won’t be disappointed. But if you dislike sexual jokes and ecchi romance in general, this is not your cup of tea.

My score: 7/10


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